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Australian Poultry Chicken Industry Market Analysis

by mrzee

The Australian chicken industry has undergone phenomenal growth over the last 10 years, with an average of about four percent per year. Development rates are projected to continue growing at least five years and there are further projections that Australian chicken meat demand would rise by three percent in one year. This development amounts to 1,08 million tonnes. Increased chicken consumption in recent years has contributed to a rise in the development of chicken in Australia. Many think that chicken prices would go up because of high demand, but unexpectedly, market prices for chicken would stay considerably lower than for lamb, pork and beef (Nicholls & Paterson, 2008). Furthermore, the volume of chicken meat is expected to rise to some 1,2 million tonnes.

Around three-quarters of domestic chicken meat that are supplied in the Australian market are processed by two major processing industries. Over the total poultry production 95 per cent is chicken, the remaining per cent comprises of turkey and duck meat production. The vertical integration in the chicken meat industry is more as compared to other production in the livestock sectors. This leading business has a model whereby the processors provide both day-old chicks and feed for growers contracted to nurture the chickens over about five weeks. To increase productivity of the chicken meat industry, Australia has continued to import new genetic strains that enable producers to improve numerous traits (The Poultry site, 2013). These traits include the increase in meat yield per bird, feed conversion productivity and disease resistance. An individual in Australia consumes an average of 45 kg per person and there is a high probability that this will increase by 2014. This means that chicken consumption will remain competitive against substitute meats. In addition consumption of chicken meat is anticipated to grow to 47 kg by 2018 making it the most consumed meat in Australia. This calls for increased production of chicken and one of the chicken industries that is on the fore front to increase this production is the Victorian Chicken Meat Industry.

Australian Poultry Chicken Industry Market Analysis

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