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Digital Marketing Communications Strategy for NGO

by mrzee

Section 1: Challenges and Objectives

1a. Challenges

A non-profit corporation exists without a profit incentive and involves itself in numerous social service programmes. Examination of the strengths and limitations of the enterprise (see SWOT table in appendix) contributes to the interpretation of the strategies by which the corporation will be able to cope with existing problems. It is crucial to analyse the opportunities facing the organisation and the threats that appear in the path of its growth. The management of the company gets a good picture of the potential directions in which it might use the possibilities and effectively cope with the risks on the basis of the results of this study. There are several main distinctions, but this study is identical to the analysis made by every other profit corporation. Any of these challenges are often faced by the Oxfam NGO. The effect of variables such as voluntary workers, fundraising, volunteer staff and long-term goodwill need to be addressed by administrators of a non-governmental organisation (NGO). As these organisations do not depend on profit for their sustainability, the factors listed above play a major role in achieving long-term performance (Turkishweekly, 2013).

From the study (see SWOT table in appendix), it was observed that companies are experiencing a range of difficulties in the NGO industry while undertaking marketing contact activities. Below, several of the notable problems are briefly addressed.

Digital Marketing Communications Strategy For NGO

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