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Pushing Hands Movie Summary Review

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Pushing Hands is a film directed by Ang Lee that describes the life of an elderly Chinese man who lives with his grandson in America. The grandfather is a Beijing trainer who teaches martial arts and moves to New York, where his grandson and his wife live. The film reflects purely on the difference between Eastern culture’s conventional ideals and the sophisticated style of Western life. Conflicts emerge in the household as the patriarch returns to city life, which gives rise to discomfort in family relationships. The film illustrates the challenges facing the old man in modern life and the strategies he employs to respond to the violent wife of his grandson. Mr. Chu (Sihung Lung), his grandson Alex (Bo Z.Wang) and his wife Martha are the main characters in the film (Deb Snyder).

In this film, Lee discusses the cross-cultural relationships, tensions and problems associated with them. This film is a first of a kind where a father with a conventional history faces a shifting world of living. This film depicts a traditional Chinese man’s wisdom and warmth in a family with a full urban past. In this film, Alex’s character is also trapped between his traditional grandfather and his fussy, modern wife. For the grandson and grandfather, it is a painful circumstance, when they share blood relationships and have to keep up with the demands of each other. The film finally shows Mr. Chu regaining his grasp on life and moving on independently.

Pushing Hands Movie Summary Review

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